Step 1: During the first two weeks of school, all 5th graders will test the instruments and decide on their top 3 choices.

Step 2: After compiling data, the directors will invite students to join band on their recommended instrument.

Step 3: Come to the Instrument Display in the Elementary Common Thursday, September 3 any time between 5:00-7:30pm to get what you need to start band! Even if you already have your instrument, please come so you can get your book and other supplies.

Here is a great video from parents' perspectives about why your son or daughter should be part of the band!

"It will change them. They will learn things and grow in wonderful ways."

"Any parents who are on the fence about their child signing up for band, I would definitely encourage it, because you will see the difference in their confidence level."

"They don't know if they love it unless they try it!"

Student Perspectives


"I didn't know anything, and my band director taught me everything."

"When I first started, I was horrible. I never thought when I started that it would be this cool now."

"My favorite thing about band is all my friends are in it."

"We get to play at so many concerts and festivals and it's so much fun!"

Learn more about the instruments of the band

"It doesn't matter whether you're a boy or a girl, big or small, younger or older, anyone can play any instrument!"

Instruments we start beginners on at Rock Valley:





French Horn




Percussion (mallets and snare)